eTwinning project

eTwinning project
We are several countries of Europe and we started international project eTwinning together.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Our town is a rather small town in the north of Greece.The town's population is around 60.000 people.We live in an area with a lot of mountains and a high altitude.This means that we are not the typical greek town that you see on pictures. We are not near the sea but we still have the sunny days and the clear sky of Greece.
Our region is situated in the place where Alexander's  the Great state used to be.'Eani' was the old capital of his state and it is just 10 Km from our town.
There are lots of ancient and Byzantine monuments in our area since our region is inhabited for centuries.We are famous for the excellent quality safran we produce.

In the following video you can watch our school

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